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So my laptop died, which means I won't be able to make buttons, icon, ect.
So one Friday evening I was at a prayer service. Then a woman of God prayed for me, she said that I need to forgive everyone who has hurt me in the past. I knew that had to be God sending the message because this woman doesn't know me and there were people in the past who have hurt me. I also read in the bible somewhere that it said you should forgive everyone. So i write this message for everyone incase there's someone out there who hasn't forgiven someone and hope they listen to this message.
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Tagged by :iconxhoshigalaxyx: :iconnikkodawn: and :iconxganbarubyx:

:iconxhoshigalaxyx: questions
1. What is your favorite Love Live moments and why is it? Never watched Love Live.
2. What is your all time favorite video game? Kingdom hearts re chain of memories. 
3. Is mayonnaise an instrument? No it's not.
4. Looking forward to the Nintendo Switch and what games planning get? Yes and don't know on the games.
5. Who is your favorite Mario(Nintendo character) all time? Princess Peach.
6. If you ever want to meet a comic,cartoon or video game character,who would it be and why? Riku because he is my all time favorite character. 
7. Favorite color all time? Blue.
8. Who is your favorite Youtuber all time? Don't have one. 
9. Have a favorite movie all time? Pokemon Lucario and The Mystery of Mew and Wreck It Ralph.
10. Who is your favorite friend? :iconnikkodawn: :iconxhoshigalaxyx: :xGanbaRubyx: :iconpinkprincesstara: :iconvampirekingn:
11. If you ever want go a place,what were you want to go? Universal Studios or Disney World.
12. Have a favorite Nintendo Virtual Console from WIIU? No.
13. Have plan for tagging someone next? Yes.

:iconnikkodawn: questions
1. Who are your mains in Donkey Kong 64? Never played it.
2. Who are your favorite Donkey Kong characters of all time? Tiny Kong and Dixie Kong.
3. What are your best moments in Pokemon XY? When Ash found out Clemont was the Gym Leader for Lumiose City.
4. Who are your least favorite rivals in Pokemon and why? Trip and not really sure why.
5. Who do you main in every Mario and Sonic at the Olympics installments? Princess Peach.
6. What was your most difficult boss battle in each Legend of Zelda installments? Linebeck possessed by Bellum in Phantom hourglass.
7. Favorite fighting game of all time? (and yes smash bros counts since it's fighting too) Smash Bros 3ds/Wii U.
8. Right handed or left handed? Left handed.
9. Are you going to stay single all the time no matter what the circumstances are? Online yes, irl maybe.
10. If rupees were real as being in real life, would you break any jars and furnitures to search for rupees? Yes.

:iconxganbarubyx: questions 
1. Tag the funniest deviant you know? don't know funniest deviant.
2. What's your dream UR card on Love Live? If youre confused, this will help: Don't have one.
3. Have a favourite memory in your life? Going to Disney and Universal. 
4. Girly or Tomboy? Girly.
5. Choose your 3 favourite Aqours girl from First Years, (Ruby, Hanamaru, Yoshiko) Second Years, (Chika, You, Riko) & the Third Years (Dia, Kanan, Mari). Yoshiko from First Year, You from Second Year and Dia from Third Year.
6. Can you remember your first video game you had? No, but it was a gameboy advance game, not sure since most of them were stolen along with my gameboy advance.
7. Favourite Eeveelution? Glaceon.
8. Favourite Pokemon all time? Lucario.
9. Be honest, who do you have a least favourite in Love Live and give a reason why? None.
10. Who's the cleaverest deviant you know? :iconnikkodawn: :iconxhoshigalaxyx: and :xGanbaRubyx:

My Questions
1. Favorite Pokemon character of all time?
2. Favorite gaming system of all time?
3. If you could be in any show, what show would it be?
4. Who do you main in Smash Bros installments?
5. What did you used to play with as a kid?
6. What was your favorite show as a kid?
7. Do you collect anything video game related example cards, amiibos, ect.?
8. Do you have any siblings?
9. If you could visit anywhere in the world, where would you go?
10. Is there any sequel games you would like to see? 

I tag
So my laptop died, which means I won't be able to make buttons, icon, ect.


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United States

Note: I'm very inactive coming to this site for reasons,don't expect an reply from me. I'll try get o your anwsers

...Sorry, I don't RP. by StampsByNeekko Stamp: Don't do it to others either by PrincessSkyler Private person stamp by UnassumingLocalLady Why do you? by ARTic-Weather Stamp: I can and will by PrincessSkyler No Ordinary People by delusional-dreams {Smile} by Mesperyian Status Stamp: Away - At Work by Reixxie Haters gonna Hate by SparkLum Get To Know Me Stamp by SparkLum . sensitive stamp by fairypaws Pronouns Stamp by milkyribbon Stamp Collection by Allendra3
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The name's Sarah, or you can call me Bubbles.

Rules have to follow:
Do not cause any dramas,wars on my page nor do not mention somone you have trust issues,i'll hide comments and do not get me involved of anything!
No rumor spreading
I sometimes roleplay,but mostly in :note: but its an rare occasion.
Do not attack me.
Please do not tell me what to do,or talk behind me.
No spamming me over and over again.
Do not mention me in any of the pages at all.
No yelling at me,i will not accept.
No threats to my friends,or i'll have to handle this and talk to you.

Friends list:
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Keywizzle97 Featured By Owner Edited May 28, 2017
I found another YouTube-like video site. It's called MetaJolt. It has customisable channels just like Vstream. It even has a growing community. Should we go there? Because I'm interested. Plus, I've told people like FireDK and FireDiddy about it and they both said they're interested as well.
xBubblesAox Featured By Owner May 29, 2017
I'm pretty much inactive coming to those sites. I'm mostly close to like NikkoDawn(DK) xHoshiGalaxyx  and PastelSweetPea. I'm only on webs.
Keywizzle97 Featured By Owner May 29, 2017
Alright, I understand.
xBubblesAox Featured By Owner May 30, 2017
I'll still be on here though, but only once in a while since I'm pretty busy with my job.
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(I'm surprised just watched me now lol)
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